Zero One in a New Era

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Digital Innovation for a New Era

Personalized Cryptocurrency Wallets

Touch and Use in a New Era

Potential Applications for ZO.NE

Gesture and Haptic Technology Combined to Produce a New User Interface

Made Possible by Fusing Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and AI Technologies

End Users Given Choice of How to Interact: Touch, Gesture, or Dictation

A Plan for the Future

ZO.NE - Zero One in a New Era

TU.NE could be used for a new type of communication platform that uses haptic and gesture technology. Touch screens would provide relevant, tactile feedback as well as be equipped with cameras and sensors to capture a user’s gestures. Instead of typing or even speaking all instructions, gestures could provide quick shortcuts for a variety of commands. Users could then decide on the easiest method for them to accomplish a task; touch, gesture, or dictation. The platform would be made possible by fusing deep learning, machine learning, and AI technologies. Instead of representing the platform, TU.NE could also be used to stand for this new combination method of interacting with technology.

TU.NE could also be ideal for any end user in the music and entertainment industry.

Zero or One is the fundamental either/or expression, a bit, that lies at the heart of computing. Binary code is the necessary underpinning of all of the technological devices that humans use on a daily basis. Over the last several decades, technology has advanced exponentially on an epic scale. Where will it lead us as a species?

ZO.NE could be used for a great many possibilities, but imagine it at as a brand for a truly smart city. Artificial intelligence, robots, and human ingenuity working together to put our best foot forward and eliminate the problems of today: food shortages & malnutrition, homelessness, and prejudice. The future could be bright if we come together, embrace change, and focus on bettering ourselves. At the end of the day, human beings do not have to think in a binary way; there is more than yes or no, love or hate, and left or right. As a species, we could choose a new pattern of thought, and that is what ZO.NE could represent.

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